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Well planned actions are needful to achieve good results.

Accordingly to our experience and knowledgement, the definition of a winning strategy occurs throughout a long learning process, and there’re no results without the involved parts efforts and commitment. Client and Consultancy must trace the success journey together.
Our marketing and communication expertise allow us to implement successful strategies in lots of markets segments.
Our job is to accomplish good strategies results, in order to develop the brand consistence and strength:

  1. Strategy Format
  2. Studies and Surveys
  3. Activities Development
  4. Results Evaluation and Measurement
Foto de Cibele PugliesiSince 1994, working on great worldwide enterprises, our main director acquired experience in important markets at different economy scenarios, which allowed the knowledge improvement in marketing strategic planning, communication tools, and coaching area.
In 2005, she started Hotmarketing company operation, assuming new challenges in developing marketing strategies in industries associations, coordinating international events, working in benefit of the Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency of Promotion Investment and Export).
Since then, she developed important business events, and many other marketing strategies for the national and international markets.
Adress: Rua Botelho, 263
Zip Code: 04313-200 - São Paulo - Brazil
Phone/Fax:+ 55 11 5078-6361

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